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Welcome to Crosswalk Counseling Services 

My mission is to help people uproot the pain and trauma of the past and use the right tools to live a fulfilled life. 


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Hi I’m Carline and I’d love to be your therapist! I am a licensed clinician and have been counseling individuals for over 30 years. It is one of my greatest joys to help people heal from their hurt and unlock their purpose so they may have a thriving future. When I am not working with clients, I enjoy decorating my home and spending time with my family and my Malti-Poo, Dakota. 


What you can expect!

Crosswalk Counseling Services can help you: 

  • Identify the root source of emotional deregulation and dysfunction. 

  • Acquire the needed skills to manage your emotions and set helpful boundaries 

  • Discover truths about yourself that have been hidden for decades 

  • Thrive in your relationships with yourself and loved ones.  

What clients are saying...

"I was hesitant to meet with a counselor for the first time in 2014. Carline’s holistic approach to therapy contributed to the person I am today. Her honesty, compassion, and therapeutic expertise makes her an excellent clinician. Carline utilizes solution-focused, and strengths based perspective to empower clients to accomplish goals. Thanks to her, I was able to complete 4 degrees, and pursue a career in social work. Her encouragement helped me to see past my self sabotage and negative cognitions. I am so grateful for Carline! 

Look no further, Carline is THE BEST therapist for you!"


"I have been chasing a diagnosis and the right help for 30 years, but until I walked into Carline Brown's office, no one ever really knew what was wrong, so I was permanently depressed and filled with anxiety. I found Carline during the pandemic.  She didn't say no to me even when we discovered the office didn't accept my insurance.  Instead, she contracted with them.  


Carline was educated at Lehman College, and her experience in NYC gave her insights no one else had with me. She knew what was wrong right away, but she gave me tests before telling me, to make sure.  She also arranged for a DNA test to see what drugs we could use to manage my symptoms.  For the first time in my life, I had real a diagnosis, and so I began to make real change and progress. 


    Carline has been there for me night and day 24/7.  She has talked me through  terrible and frightening anxiety attacks over the phone. Carline is all about enlightenment, perspective, acceptance, the calm, and positivity.  I'm 60.  I was diagnosed with severe ADHD and Asbergers at age 59.  As unfair as that is, I finally found the right therapist, so now life is a do-over. "


Tel:       (813) 895-5315

Add:     220 W. Brandon Blvd Suite 210B Brandon FL


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